Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to your instruction manual section on 'HOW to maintain your Swing set' seasonally'.

Triple PlayQ. Where can I purchase Flexible Flyer swing sets?
A. Flexible Flyer swing sets are available at retailers nationwide.

Q. How may I obtain replacement parts covered under warranty?
A. Replacement parts covered under warranty may be obtained by presenting the following information to our customer service department:

Q. No anchors came with my swing set. How do I obtain anchors?
A. Anchors are not included with the purchase of your swing set. We recommend you use concrete to secure each leg of the swing set making sure to bury the concrete so that it is completely covered under ground.
* Please contact our customer service department with any questions you may have.

Q. It is sometimes difficult to insert the bolts into the legs of the swing set. How can I correct this?
A. The pre-punched holes in your swing set's legs may be fully cleared by simply inserting a screwdriver into the holes and pushing the pre-punched metal away from the hole opening.

Q. How can I protect my swing set against the affects of the weather?
A. Periodically check the swing set insuring all nuts and bolts are secure and in good condition. Replace parts as needed.

* Replacement parts may be ordered through our customer service department.

Made in USAFlexible Flyer Products are MADE IN THE USA.