Flexible Flyer Swing Set Collection

Made in USAFlexible Flyer is the largest American manufacturer of consumer swing sets. All of our swing sets are Manufactured in the USA. Just as in years gone by Flexible Flyer Swing Sets offer a high-quality, traditional toy alternative for today's children, encouraging both exercise and use of the imagination. Hours of fun are to be had when these products are brought into play! Exercise and FUN all in One!


Small Box to BIG FRAME

Outside Fun II CartonThe swing set, Outside Fun II, fits in a 48 Long Carton - ALL PARTS of the Frame and swings are IN the CARTON. Click for more information.


GROW Your Swing Set!

SeeSaw Model 62055TThe SeeSaw Model 62055T is the perfect addition to your existing 2015 swing set. All of our 2015 swing set include one frame leg with 4 pre-drilled holes to attach the SeeSaw.

Compatible with all 2015 models: Models 42044T, 42055, 42045T, 46604T, 42120T, 41317T, etc.



Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instruction Videos available.



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